Kercem Ajax F.C.

Kercem Ajax VS Xewkija Tigers 

Reigning champions were aiming earn their fifth consecutive from their match against Kercem Ajax and take sole leadership on the table.  On the other hand Kercem needed points from this encounter in their attempt to recover from the disappointing defeat conceded in their previous match and re-open their chances to remain close to the top positions on the table.  As a result the match turned out into a well contested encounter that left the final score uncertain until the final whistle.  Each side practically prevailed over the other for a half each as Kercem surprised the more quoted opponents with effective offensive play during the first period and could have scored more than one goal but the Tigers had a good reaction after the break and not only recovered the deficit but created enough scoring opportunities to earn the victory.  At the end the final score was just as it rewards the efforts of the two sides during the ninety minutes of play... Source from :

Kercem Ajax VS Nadur Youngsters

Nadur Youngsters confirmed their ambitions to be the major challengers for the title with an important win over Kercem Ajax.  Nadur’s win showed that they are an experienced side that can come out of difficult moments and manage to arrive to the victory despite a suffering territorial superiority for most of the encounter.  In this match they took full advantage of two mistakes by Kercem’s rearguard by scoring two goals that decided the delicate issue.  Nadur in fact were facing Kercem at a moment where the Ajax were going through a good form.  Kercem registered two convincing wins in their previous matches and were aiming to win this match to join the top positions on the table.  However, Kercem committed the two mistakes during crucial moments which compromised their possibility to win at least a point.  In this match Nadur had Mark Hyzler and match winner Joseph Vella who entered the field of play as substitutes after recovering from injuries, while Kercem had Elton Vella who was in the starting lineup for the first time this season also due to a recovery from an injury..... Source from :

Victoria Hotspurs VS Kercem Ajax 

This match was considered as an important clash for both Kercem Ajax and Victoria Hotspurs as the two sides are considered to have the potential to be among the challengers this season.  However, the two sides failed to convince during the opening two matches where the Hotspurs suffered two defeats while Kercem lost their first match but won their second.  The Hotspurs also replaced their coaching staff for this match in an attempt to revert the negative trend and had Marvin Buttigieg as a coach for the first time.  However, from this match Kercem showed that they are on the right track to challenge the top teams while the Hotspurs remain in serious trouble as they are still without a point from three matches and nine points away from the leaders.  Kercem’s win was well deserved as they managed to hold control of play for long stretches and also produced effective play which kept Victoria’s rearguard under pressure for long moments of the encounter.  Kercem’s pressure also led to two decisive moments where Victoria’s defense failed to clear the ball from their area and striker Anderson Ribeiro capitalized by scoring the first two goal which paved the way to the convincing win.  The Hotspurs are undoubtedly under a lot of pressure and their most established players cannot find their best form to obtain the results that were expected from them.....Surce from :

Kercem Ajax F.C. have been successful in an Erasmus+ application for an 8-day project being held in Malta and Gozo between the 8th and 17th October together with youths from Active Youth Union from Georgia, Russia.

The idea of this project is for young people between the ages of 13-17 years to get together to develop a youth exchange "Footprints in the Sand" which through non-formal learning will develop their commitment toward European Citizenship and Employability in a an exchange promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports and outdoor activities. The non-formal education will add to new vocational skills, including communication, customer service and teamwork.

The project is targeted at bringing together a group of 20 young people from Malta and Georgia with a common interest in sports and providing an 8-day programme with a solid structure for promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports by concentrating on the benefits that can be gained by outdoor activities and an active lifestyle. As discovered in previous projects, sport plays a major role in promoting understanding, breaking down barriers and celebrating diversity.

Prominence will be given to the importance of promoting an active life style through outdoor sports from an early age, where through various workshops and interest based discussions, issues such as levels of inactivity and obesity, the need to support and nurture emerging talent, and the formulation of worthwhile goals and performances from an early age are addressed. A detailed day-to-day learning plan and activity and workshop programme for this exchange is being completed in order to provide a rich and positive training and developmental experience.

The project will allow participants from both countries to take part together in a joint programme of activities that promote a healthier lifestyle through sports, thus involving the active participation of a mixture of young Europeans which allows them to discover and become aware of different social and cultural realities, to learn from each other, to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and reinforce their feeling of being European Citizens. A Youthpass Certificate will be given to all participants on completion of the project.

This project is being funded with support from the European Commission. 

Active Youth Union
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SKVW VS Kercema Ajax

The match between SK Victoria Wanderers and Kercem Ajax was considered as an important test for the two sides to see their real possibilities to achieve their respective goals in the championship.  The Wanderers were seeking to consolidate the victory obtained in their first match against Victoria Hotspurs, while Kercem were aiming to make up for the disappointing defeat conceded against Oratory Youths in their previous match.  At the end the match showed that the Wanderers may have the potential to achieve good results but they need to be more consistent throughout the match and above all, they need to avoid defensive mistakes that compromise all the efforts carried out throughout the ninety minutes.

On the other hand Kercem showed that they are ready to give a good challenge to the top teams.  In this match the players showed great character and continued to believe in the result despite that they found themselves trailing by one goal in the first minute, suffered a penalty just before half time and also had a player sent off after just nine minutes of play into the second period.  The Ajax may have been under pressure during the first half but they seemed very strong at their defense after the break and became very effective during the last half hour of play when they were playing with ten players.  Striker Anderson Ribeiro ended up the hero for the Ajax by scoring the decisive goal with a fine header from a free kick twenty minutes from the end of the match.... Source at

 Kercem Ajax VS Oratory Youths 

The match between Kercem Ajax and Oratory Youths lived up to the expectations as it was considered to be a clash between two teams who are aiming to be among the top teams of the category.  Both Kercem and Oratory are therefore aiming to avoid a repetition of the last season where they ended with the lower four places on the table at the end of the second round.  In this match Kercem confirmed that they have the potential to challenge the other teams but on this occasion they failed to take advantage of their good moments of play so that they lost confidence as time passed by and compromised at least a point by conceding the decisive goal in the final stages of the encounter.  On the other hand Oratory confirmed their consistent improvement.  The Youths were the revelation last season by obtaining positive results despite the inexperience of most of their players.  However, the Youths were finalists of the GFA Cup last season and they once again reached the final in the KO competition for the category at the beginning of this new season.  Most of their young players have established themselves and their attack have been strengthened with the signings of Mark Camilleri (ex-Xewkija T) and Thiago Dos Santos who played in other seasons in Gozo with Ghajnsielem, Xewkija and Xaghra.  The former is proofing to be an important point of reference for Shaun Attard while the Brazilian striker had a very positive debut with the Youths in this first match of the championship.  Oratory are now very competitive in all departments as they have an organised defence, a hard-working midfield and an effective attack.  The goal that decided this well contested match arrived through a collective effort where Thiago Dos Santos and Shaun Attard found the right space to surprise Kercem’s rearguard.... Source at

Kercem Ajax VS Attard FC

Kercem Ajax registered a comfortable win in their clash from the first round of the FA Trophy against Attard FC.  The Ajax found some difficulties to convert their superiority in goals during the first period but once they opened the score early into the second half they seemed more confident and made sure of the victory with two other goals.  Attard had a prudent approach and tried to surprise their opponents on fast breaks.  They managed to neutralise the danger for most fo the first period but suffered a setback just after the half hour mark when they were reduced to ten players as Nick Ghio was sent off for two bookable offences.

Attard’s goalie Malcolm Attard was called to make a difficult intervention on 15 minutes to block a free kick by Petar Kyumyurdzhiev and from the rebound Anderson Ribeiro, who was well marked by his opponents, headed over the crossbar.  Kercem kept insisting and on 26 minutes Ribeiro’s volley following a cross by Abourazag Al Rayess missed the target.  On 33 minutes the visitors were reduced to ten players when Nick Ghio was sent off following a second bookable intervention on Ribeiro.  From the resultant free kick Attard’s goalie turned to a corner the attempt by Kyukyurdzhiev and on 35 minutes Ribeiro headed wide an inviting cross by Jean Paul Mizzi.  Kercem were unlucky two minutes later when a header by Andrew Mizzi following a cross by Ribeiro hit the crossbar and from the rebound Al Rayess’ attempt hit the post so that the first half ended with a goalless draw.

Kercem could not have had a better start to the second period as they opened the score after few seconds of play through a direct free kick by Petar Kyumyurdzhiev that surprised goalie Attard.  Attard tried to produce a reaction and on 51 minutes they were also dangerous when Lydon Frank Cilia entered Kercem’s area but his effort was blocked in time by defender Joseph Azzopardi with the goalkeeper beaten.  Kercem doubled the score one minute later when Ribeiro released Andrew Mizzi in the area and the latter placed in goal with a low drive as the goalkeeper left his position in an attempt to clear the danger.  On 64 minutes Attard had a goal by Matthew Borg following a free kick by Cilia that was disallowed for an offside infringement and on 68 minutes Kercem practically sealed the victory with the third goal that arrived through a header by Andrew Mizzi following a cross from the left flank by Ribeiro.  Attard’s last opportunity to score a consolation goal, arrived on 85 minutes through a shot by Matthew Borg that ended high while Kercem could have scored a fourth goal but substitute Elton Vella had a good strike that ended just over the crossbar.

Source :

Kercem Ajax VS Nadur Youngsters  

Nadur Youngsters obtained qualification to the final of the GFA KO competition with a close win over holders Kercem Ajax.  The semi-final match confirmed that both Nadur and Kercem are already in good form and that they have the potential to be among the challengers for the main honours this season.  During the ninety minutes of play the two sides produced some good scoring opportunities and the final score remained uncertain until the final whistle.

Play was quite balanced during the first part of the encounter as the two sides were very cautious to avoid conceding an early goal.  As time passed by the two sides became more adventurous and on 17 minutes Nadur’s Claudio Antunes entered Kercem’s area but his shot was weak and goalie Damien Spiteri saved without difficulty.  Four minutes later Kercem’s Andrew Mizzi had a goal that was disallowed for an offside infringement and a minute later the same Mizzi had a close ranged attempt that was blocked by goalie Mark Grima.  From the rebound the ball arrived to Jean paul Mizzi who concluded wide from a good position.  Kercem maintained pressure over their opponents for the following minutes and on 24 minutes Nadur’s goalie Grima was well placed to neutralise a lob by Anderson Ribeiro who received from Andrew Mizzi.  Nadur replied with a good move by Antunes but the final shot ended on the side of the net and in another occasion the same Brazilian striker hit badly from a good position following a cross by Brian Meilak and the ball ended away from goal.  On 28 minutes Nadur’s Joseph Vella concluded weak a prolonged action in Kercem’s area and goalie Spiteri saved the danger and seven minutes later Kercem lost a good scoring opportunity when Nadur’s rearguard failed to clear the ball from the area and at the end Kercem’s Luke Meilak concluded over the crossbar with an open goal at his mercy.

Nadur had an excellent start to the second period and managed to score what had to be the decisive goal on 51 minutes through a header by Charles Mercieca following a corner kick by Joseph Grima.  Kercem were shockjed and Nadur seemed in a position to control their lead.  However, around the hour mark Kercem started to recover and they also threatened Nadur’s rearguard through a long ranged strike by Ian Xuereb that ended high.  The Ajax increased their pressure for the last part of the encounter and went close to save the result on more than one occasion.  On 72 minutes Petar Kyumyurdzhiev entered Nadur’s area with a solo action from the right flank but from his low inviting cross Ribeiro saw his shot ended inches wide.  Three minutes later a free kick by Kyumyurdzhiev hoit the crossbar and from the rebound Ribeiro had his attempt well blocked by the defence.  Kercem’s last scoring opportunity of the match arrived on the stroke of regular time when a cross by Jean Paul Mizzi arrived to player-coach Sabri Rais, who came in as a substitute for the last part of the match, but the latter concluded high from close distance.

Source :

Kercem Ajax VS SKVW

The first match from the Division I KO competition of the new season turn up into an impressive performance by Kercem Ajax who dominated over SK Victoria Wanderers practically throughout the ninety minutes.  The Ajax retained their squad of the previous season and only introduced goalie Damien Spiteri ex-Munxar Falcons) and Brazilian striker Anderson Ribeiro (ex-Zebbug Rangers).  Kercem therefore maintained their high level of play with a strong defensive department led by Petar Kyumyurdzhiev and a hard working midfield through Karol Mifsud, Jean Paul Mizzi and Ian Xuereb.  Ribeiro was also well supported by Malcolm Vella so that Victoria’s rearguard was often in difficulty to keep the danger away from their area.  The Wanderers, who lost the service of their most of the experienced players who played for them last season, actually had a very disappointing match.  They never managed to serious test Kercem’s goalie and moreover their new signings Pablo Navas and Pedro Anton were not influential in their play.

The best scoring opportunity for the Wanderers throughout the encounter arrived in the opening minute of the match through a strike by Navas following a short clearance by the defence that ended just wide.  Kercem replied less than a minute later through an effort by Ribeiro that was turned to a corner by goalie Joel Xiberras.  As time passed by Kercem took supremacy in the midfield and on 17 minutes a header by Malcolm Vella form a cross by Andrew Mizzi ended wide.  One minute later Victoria’s goalie Xiberras saved another attempt by Malcolm Vella and at the other end Navas entered Kercem’s area with a personal action but his shot ended on the side of the net. On 32 minutes Victoria’s Matthew Zammit had an attempt from a free kick that ended high and one minute later Kercem opened the score through a fine header by Anderson Ribeiro following a cross by Ian Xuereb.  The wanderers replied on 38 minutes through a shot by Chris Sciortino following a pass by Navas that missed the target and on 41 minutes goalie Xiberras denied Kercem from scoring their second goal with a fine intervention to stop Andrew Mizzi from placing the ball in goal.

The Ajax doubled the score on 51 minutes when Anderson Ribeiro took advantage of a wrong clearance by Victoria’s rearguard and lobbed the ball over goalie Xiberras.  The Wanderers continued to struggle to resist Kercem’s superiority and on 58 minutes goalie Xiberras was again called to make a good save to turn to a corner a strike by Andrew Mizzi.  On the hour mark Kercem scored their third goal through a fine shot by Anderson Ribeiro who concluded a personal action and five minutes later Kercem operated a counter break but Andrew Mizzi had his shot blocked to a corner by defender John Paul Grima despite the fact that Kercem had three players against one in Victoria’s area.  The Ajax sealed the victory with the fourth goal that arrived on 68 minutes through a fist timer by Malcolm Vella following a cross by Jean Paul Mizzi.  The match lost much of its interest and play until the end of the encounter took place in the midfield.

Source :

Preparation for season 2014/2015 

Our senior team started preparation for this season with the first training session being held on Tuesday 22nd July. Sabri Rais was confirmed as a coach while Petar Kirilov Kuymurdhiev was appointed as assistant coach/player. Ian Xuereband Karol Mifsud extended their contract for another year while the club acquired the service of goalkeeper Damien Spiteri on-loan from Munxar Falcons. Youngsters Luke Meilaq former Ghajnsielem F.C. have signed a contract with our club while negotiations are on the go with Qala Saints to acquire defender Mario Mifsud on a definitive transfer.

Last Saturday 2nd August the first friendly was held vs Luxol St Andrews where several foreign players were on trail. Final score was 4-1 in favour of Luxol.  

Kercem Ajax F.C. Nursery
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Titkompla l-akademja tal-futbol minn David Carabott fil-Kercem Ajax Stadium. 

Il-Kumitat tal-Kercem Ajax Futbol Klabb jixtieq jifrah lil Ass. Seg. David Mizzi u lil mara tieghu Irene Mizzi fl-okkazzjoni tat-twelied tal-ewwel tarbija taghhom Emma. Awguri ! 

Il-Kumitat tal-Kercem Ajax Futbol Klabb jixtieq jawgura l-festa t-tajba lil Kercmin kollha.

Quddiesa b'sargrifficju ghall-ruh Raymond Mercieca, fis-sala tal-Klabb ta' Kercem Ajax. 

Tinghata bidu ghall-akkademja ta' futbol minn David Carabott fil-Kercem Ajax Stadium.   

 Fl-okkazzjoni tal-10 snin mill-mewt ta' Raymond Mercieca,

Il-Kercem Ajax Futbol Klabb qed jorganizza quddiesa b'sagrifficju ghall-ruhu. Ser issir nhar il-Hadd 6 ta' Lulju 2014 fil-kumpless sportiv Raymond Mercieca li ser tibda fil-10.00 am. Il-Kumitat tal-Kercem Ajax jistieden lill- hbieb kollha sabiex jattendu. 

Wara s-success tax-xahar li ghada ser jerga issir,


TOMBLI  €1100




Transport Provdut Minn Kullimkien !!!

INFO/BILJETTI : 7905 0150, 9989 0009

Is-Sibt 5 ta’ Lulju 2014


u premijiet ohra.

Football Academy by DAVID CARABOTT!!!

most capped international player

10 sessions

Starting 5th July every Saturday

from 5.30pm - 7.00pm at KERCEM STADIUM

Ages : 6+ 

Price : €70

INFO : Contact No. 79226633

Closing date of applications Monday 30th June 2014.

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David Carabott

Kumitat ghall-istagun 2014-2015

Il-Laqgha Generali Annwali ghall-istagun 2014/15 saret nhar it-Tlieta 3 ta' Gunju fit-8.00p.m. fis-Sala l-gdida tal-Kercem Ajax Stadium. Il-laqgha tmexxiet mill-Avukat tal-Klabb Dr. Joshua Grech. Il-minuti tal-laqgha tas-sena precedenti inqraw mill-Assistent Segretarju s-Sur Donald Gauci u r-Rapport Amministrattiv u dak Finanzjarju inqraw mis-Segretarju tal-club is-Sur Albert Camilleri. Prezenti ghall-laqgha kien hemm il-President tal-GFA is-Sur Alvin Grech u s-Segretarju tal-GFA is-Sur Joe Bajada. Prezenti wkoll kien hemm il-Kappillan Dun Brain Meilak u s-Sindku ta' Kercem is-Sur Mario Azzopardi u bosta membri u supports tal-club.

Nhar it-Tnejn 9 ta' Gunju inzammet l-ewwel laqgha fejn gie ffurmat il-Kumitat il-Gdid ghall-istagun 2014/15 u gew assenjati dawn il-karigi...

  • President Albert Camilleri
  • Vici President Raymond Azzopardi u Michael Calleja
  • Segretarju Donald Gauci
  • Assistent Segretarju David Mizzi
  • Tezorier Joe Vella
  • Assistent Tezorier Joseph Xiberras
  • Council Member Robert Vella
  • Club Delegate Raymond Borg
  • Nursery Co.Ordinator Vince Xiberras
  • Team Co.Ordinator David Mizzi
  • Kit Manager / Ground Manager Robert Vella
  • Membri Carmel Camilleri u Guido Camilleri
  • Club Legal Advisor DR Joshua Grech
  • Arkivista Michael Grima

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Next Fixture 

  Kercem Ajax F.C. vs Saint Lawrence Spurs

Sunday 2nd November 2014 

1.00pm kick off 

at  Gozo Stadium 

   GFA First Divison Table

Nadur Youngsters 5 13
Xewkija Tigers 5 13
Oratory Youths 5 9
Kercem Ajax 5 7
SKVW 5 6
S.Laurence Spurs 5 4
Victoria Hotspurs 5 4
Sannat Lions 5 1
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