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Beyond Boundaries 

Beyond Boundaries is an Erasmus+ programme enhancing youth mobility between two organisations in different European countries.   Kercem Ajax Football Club from Gozo, Malta and New College Lanarkshire from Scotland United Kingdom will be working on a joint programme of activities that promote a healthier lifestyle through sports. This programme is co founded by the European Union. 

This programme offers ten youths from Gozo to interact with another group of ten young people from a different country to meet together at the chosen country and learn about each other’s cultures, share experiences, work as a team and share and accept each other’s ideas through the sports medium. By this intercultural exchange, travelling to a larger country, our youths will meet peers with different social and cultural background. By organizing joint activities all the youths will share common interests, thus allowing them to experience Europe and gain a deeper understanding of what life is like for other young European citizens.

As European participants the project aims to involve the youths in shaping the Union’s future and provide a sense of belonging to an active European citizenship. 

The youths will communicate and share their experiences and activities through a Facebook page. These include preparatory activities such as the First Aid course, voluntary works, fundraising activities and other meetings. In the meantime, the youths from Lanarkshire will also prepare an activity programme for the ten days spent in Scotland. Eventually both groups will work together and organise further activities as one whole team – “Beyond Boundaries”

So far the youths have done:

- A required First Aid course with the ERRC in Gozo and granted with a certificate for successfully passing the course

- Voluntary Work with the club in their activities including the opening of the Kercem Ajax stadium

- Voluntary Work at  "Dar Guzeppa Debono" by going for a day helping the organisation in its needs

- Fundraising activity by preparing a Raffle during a Pasta Night organised by Kercem Ajax Nusery

- Fundraising activity by organising a 5 a side game taking place in our stadium

The Gozitan participants will depart to Scotland on the 4th of December to meet the Scottish youths at  New College Lanarkshire. The groups will spend ten days interacting with each other and taking part in activities. These include traditional Maltese and Scottish nights giving the students a peak into the other group's culture. To keep updated with Beyond Boundaries' activities like us on our Facebook page:

Kercem Ajax VS Saint Lawrence Spurs 

Kercem Ajax confirmed their good moment of form with a victory over St Lawrence Spurs in a match from the sixth day of the championship.  Kercem paved the way to the victory with two-goal scored during the first quarter of the encounter.  The Ajax reduced their rhythm for the rest of the encounter and although the Spurs threatened to re-open the issue Kercem held command of play and the victory was never in contention.  Kercem’s midfielder Elton Vella was included in the starting line-up for this match and he is expected to be available for the next matches after recovering from a serious injury.  However, Kercem are still awaiting Malcolm Vella to recover from his injury so that their player-coach Sabri Rais will have the complete squad available for his selection.  In the match against St Lawrence their Bulgarian striker Anderson Ribeiro failed to hit the target but the Kercem’s other strikers and midfielders, particularly Ian Xuereb who scored a brace, made up by scoring on four occasions.  St Lawrence, on the other hand, tried hard to earn something from this match but they suffered too much pressure from their opponents.  The Spurs only produced sporadic attacks and they also failed to capitalize from their best scoring opportunities so that their was no way to avoid the defeat...... Source from :

Kercem Ajax VS Xewkija Tigers 

Reigning champions were aiming earn their fifth consecutive from their match against Kercem Ajax and take sole leadership on the table.  On the other hand Kercem needed points from this encounter in their attempt to recover from the disappointing defeat conceded in their previous match and re-open their chances to remain close to the top positions on the table.  As a result the match turned out into a well contested encounter that left the final score uncertain until the final whistle.  Each side practically prevailed over the other for a half each as Kercem surprised the more quoted opponents with effective offensive play during the first period and could have scored more than one goal but the Tigers had a good reaction after the break and not only recovered the deficit but created enough scoring opportunities to earn the victory.  At the end the final score was just as it rewards the efforts of the two sides during the ninety minutes of play... Source from :

Kercem Ajax VS Nadur Youngsters

Nadur Youngsters confirmed their ambitions to be the major challengers for the title with an important win over Kercem Ajax.  Nadur’s win showed that they are an experienced side that can come out of difficult moments and manage to arrive to the victory despite a suffering territorial superiority for most of the encounter.  In this match they took full advantage of two mistakes by Kercem’s rearguard by scoring two goals that decided the delicate issue.  Nadur in fact were facing Kercem at a moment where the Ajax were going through a good form.  Kercem registered two convincing wins in their previous matches and were aiming to win this match to join the top positions on the table.  However, Kercem committed the two mistakes during crucial moments which compromised their possibility to win at least a point.  In this match Nadur had Mark Hyzler and match winner Joseph Vella who entered the field of play as substitutes after recovering from injuries, while Kercem had Elton Vella who was in the starting lineup for the first time this season also due to a recovery from an injury..... Source from :

Victoria Hotspurs VS Kercem Ajax 

This match was considered as an important clash for both Kercem Ajax and Victoria Hotspurs as the two sides are considered to have the potential to be among the challengers this season.  However, the two sides failed to convince during the opening two matches where the Hotspurs suffered two defeats while Kercem lost their first match but won their second.  The Hotspurs also replaced their coaching staff for this match in an attempt to revert the negative trend and had Marvin Buttigieg as a coach for the first time.  However, from this match Kercem showed that they are on the right track to challenge the top teams while the Hotspurs remain in serious trouble as they are still without a point from three matches and nine points away from the leaders.  Kercem’s win was well deserved as they managed to hold control of play for long stretches and also produced effective play which kept Victoria’s rearguard under pressure for long moments of the encounter.  Kercem’s pressure also led to two decisive moments where Victoria’s defense failed to clear the ball from their area and striker Anderson Ribeiro capitalized by scoring the first two goal which paved the way to the convincing win.  The Hotspurs are undoubtedly under a lot of pressure and their most established players cannot find their best form to obtain the results that were expected from them.....Surce from :

Kercem Ajax F.C. have been successful in an Erasmus+ application for an 8-day project being held in Malta and Gozo between the 8th and 17th October together with youths from Active Youth Union from Georgia, Russia.

The idea of this project is for young people between the ages of 13-17 years to get together to develop a youth exchange "Footprints in the Sand" which through non-formal learning will develop their commitment toward European Citizenship and Employability in a an exchange promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports and outdoor activities. The non-formal education will add to new vocational skills, including communication, customer service and teamwork.

The project is targeted at bringing together a group of 20 young people from Malta and Georgia with a common interest in sports and providing an 8-day programme with a solid structure for promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports by concentrating on the benefits that can be gained by outdoor activities and an active lifestyle. As discovered in previous projects, sport plays a major role in promoting understanding, breaking down barriers and celebrating diversity.

Prominence will be given to the importance of promoting an active life style through outdoor sports from an early age, where through various workshops and interest based discussions, issues such as levels of inactivity and obesity, the need to support and nurture emerging talent, and the formulation of worthwhile goals and performances from an early age are addressed. A detailed day-to-day learning plan and activity and workshop programme for this exchange is being completed in order to provide a rich and positive training and developmental experience.

The project will allow participants from both countries to take part together in a joint programme of activities that promote a healthier lifestyle through sports, thus involving the active participation of a mixture of young Europeans which allows them to discover and become aware of different social and cultural realities, to learn from each other, to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and reinforce their feeling of being European Citizens. A Youthpass Certificate will be given to all participants on completion of the project.

This project is being funded with support from the European Commission. 

Active Youth Union
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Next Fixture 

  Kercem Ajax F.C. vs SKVW

Friday 14th November 2014 

8.00pm kick off 

GFA Cup Match

at  Kercem Ajax Stadium 

   GFA First Divison Table

Nadur Youngsters 7 19
Xewkija Tigers 7 16
Kercem Ajax 7 13
Oratory Youths 7 11
SKVW 7 7
Victoria Hotspurs 7 7
St Lawrence Spurs 7 5
Sannat Lions 7 1
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